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    small typo pointed out by Mike Hommey slightly improved the --c14n · 29b17482
    Daniel Veillard authored
    * xmlIO.c: small typo pointed out by Mike Hommey
    * doc/xmllint.xml, xmllint.html, xmllint.1: slightly improved
      the --c14n description, c.f. #144675 .
    * nanohttp.c nanoftp.c: applied a first simple patch from
      Mike Hommey for $no_proxy, c.f. #133470
    * parserInternals.c include/libxml/parserInternals.h
      include/libxml/xmlerror.h: cleanup to avoid 'error' identifier
      in includes #
    * parser.c SAX2.c debugXML.c include/libxml/parser.h:
      first version of the inplementation of parsing within
      the context of a node in the tree #142359, new function
      xmlParseInNodeContext(), added support at the xmllint --shell
      level as the "set" function
    * test/scripts/set* result/scripts/* Makefile.am: extended
      the script based regression tests to instrument the new function.
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