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    More updates and cleanups on autotools and Makefiles · ec4fc529
    Daniel Richard G authored
    Makefile.am, example/Makefile.am:
    * Replaced the obsolete INCLUDES variable with AM_CPPFLAGS/AM_CFLAGS
    * autoupdate replaced AC_FD_CC with AS_MESSAGE_LOG_FD
    * Added -Wall to the autoreconf invocation, which turned up a whole slew
       of warnings that are fixed by this patch
    * Most of the changes are due to autoupdate, with subsequent manual
    * Note that autoupdate bumped the AC_PREREQ version from 2.59 to 2.68. If
       you normally use an older version of Autoconf, and everything works fine
       if you comment out that directive, feel free to bump down the version
    * Ensure that #include directives in C fragments always have no whitespace
       to the left of the '#' mark, as some preprocessors need that to be in
       the first column
    * Don't need DEPS
    * Use plain LDADD instead of LDADDS; if all programs in this file need to
       link against the same set of libraries, then this is all you need