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    Fix a problem properly saving URIs · beb72810
    Daniel Veillard authored
    As written by Martin Kletzander <mkletzan@redhat.com>:
    Since commit 8eb55d78, when you parse
    and save an URI that has no server (or similar) part, two slashes
    after the 'schema:' get lost.  It means 'uri:///noserver' is turned
    into 'uri:/noserver'.
    means a host of "" while
    means no host at all
      So the best fix IMHO is to fix the URI parser to record the first
    case and an empty host string and the second case as a NULL host string
     I would not revert the initial patch, we should not 'invent' those
    slash, but we should instead when parsing keep the information that
    it's a host based path and that foo:/// means the presence of a host
    but an empty one.
    Once applied the resulting patch below, all cases seems to be saved
    thinkpad:~/XML -> ./testURI uri:/noserver
    thinkpad:~/XML -> ./testURI uri:///noserver
    thinkpad:~/XML -> ./testURI uri://server/foo
    thinkpad:~/XML -> ./testURI uri:/noserver/foo
    thinkpad:~/XML -> ./testURI uri:///
    thinkpad:~/XML -> ./testURI uri://
    thinkpad:~/XML -> ./testURI uri:/
    thinkpad:~/XML ->
      If you revert the initial patch that last case fails
    The problem is that I don't want to change the xmlURI structure to
    minimize ABI breakage, so I could not extend the field. The natural
    solution is to denote that uri:/// has an empty host by making
    the uri server field an empty string which works very well but breaks
    applications (like libvirt ;-) who blindly look at uri->server
    not being NULL to try to reach it !
    Simplest was to stick the port to -1 in that case, instead of 0
    application don't bother looking at the port of there is no server
    string, this makes the patch more complex than a 1 liner, but
    is better for ABI.