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    xmlcatalog: restore ability to query system catalog easily · 6b780f65
    Jan Pokorný authored
    I've noticed that easy way of locating a DocBook XSLT in a configure
    script of another project doesn't work anymore.  It is using something
    like: xmlcatalog "" ${DOCBOOK_XSL_URI}/${DOCBOOK_XSL_PATH}.  The script
    is then forced to a plain, suboptimal search using find utility.
    Indeed, I retrospectively realize that the check was working just
    by mere accident given that the window this presumably side-effect
    was applicable had not lasted long, some 8 months between
    introducing xmlInitializeCatalog in the LIBXML_TEST_VERSION-rooted
    call chain, and
    reverting that again.
    So while one can state /etc/xml/catalog constant explicitly, in
    some use cases (such as the mentioned one -- that's why I wanted
    to omit stating the full path in the first place), this is rather
    an implementation detail, perhaps subject to change from that POV.
    Therefore I propose to restore that behaviour in the targeted
    manner without global disruptions this time around.
    As a side-effect, this fixes indenting of the affected part.