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Update README.tests

document make check, make valgrind and fix a typo pointed out by
Daniel Neel <>

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......@@ -14,17 +14,26 @@ program has a different testing purpose:
The command:
make check
make -f Makefile.tests check
should be sufficient on an Unix system to build and exercise the tests
for the version of the library installed on the system. Note however
that there isn't backward compatibility provided so if the installed
version is older to the testsuite one, failing to compile or run the tests
version is older than the testsuite one, failing to compile or run the tests
is likely. In any event this won't work with an installed libxml2 older
than 2.6.20.
Building on other platforms should be a matter of compiling the C files
like any other program using libxml2, running the test should be done
simply by launching the resulting executables.
Also note the availability of a "make valgrind" target which will run the
above tests under valgrind to check for memory errors (but this relies
on the availability of the valgrind command and take far more time to
Daniel Veillard
Thu Jul 24 2008
Mon May 7 2012
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