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    Simpified attribute wildcard creation and assignment to get rid of memory · 876a6db1
    Kasimier T. Buchcik authored
    * xmlschemas.c include/libxml/schemasInternals.h
      test/schemas/bug152470_1.* result/schemas/bug152470_1_1*:
      Simpified attribute wildcard creation and assignment to get rid
      of memory leaks.
      Restructured the validation process.
      Restructured and expanded parsing of <attributeGroup>.
      Added initial handing of xsi:type.
      Advanced handling of xsi:nil (should work now for simple types).
      Added construction of schemata using xsi:schemaLocation and
      xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation; this is not enabled, since
      no corresponding API exists yet.
      Moved the content model to complex type components.
      Resolution of types for attributes will look for simple types
      only (incl. all the built-in simple types).
      Extended parsing of 'anyAttribute'.
      Fixed content-type type for complex types if derived from
      'anyType' using the short-hand form (see bug # 152470,
      submitted by Thilo Jeremias).
    * include/libxml/xmlschematypes.h: Cleaned up some comments.
    * xstc/xstc.py: Workaround to accomodate case insensitive
      test definitions in ms-test.def.xml.
    * result/schemas/deter0_0_0.err result/schemas/ns0_0_2.err
      result/schemas/ns0_1_2.err: Adapted.
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