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    Parsing of <complexContent> - handle attribute 'mixed', catch illegal · 87876407
    Kasimier T. Buchcik authored
    * xmlschemas.c include/libxml/xmlerror.h include/libxml/xmlschemas.h
      include/libxml/schemasInternals.h: Parsing of <complexContent>
      - handle attribute 'mixed', catch illegal attributes.
      Parsing of <complexType> - handle attributes 'abstract',
      'final' and 'block', catch illegal attributes.
      Validation of complex types - handle abstract types.
      Added handling of default/fixed attributes and element values.
      Per validation option attribute nodes/text nodes are created
      on the instance.
      Added the corresponding constraints for fixed/default.
      Added xmlSchemaSetValidOptions, xmlSchemaGetValidOptions
      to the external API.
      Extended element declaration constraints.
      Got rid of perseverative creation of temporery validation/parser
      Added handling of xsi:schemaLocation and
      Fixed xsi:type component resolution if using non-prefixed
    * xmlregexp.c xmlschemas.c include/libxml/xmlautomata.h:
      Enabled namespace awareness of the content model if using the
      model group "all".
    * test/schemas/bug152470_1.xsd: Removed an "abstract" attribute,
      which broke the test.
    * xstc/xstc.py:  Workaround to accomodate case insensitive
      test definitions in ms-test.def.xml (was missing in a previous
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