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    Revert changes done to 'make apidoc' target · c990189e
    Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard authored
    This partially reverts 1989caf7 (only the changes to Makefile and
    CMakeLists, the addition to scripts/config.pl is kept).
    Modifying config.h in the apidoc target creates a race condition with
        make -j4 all apidoc
    where some parts of the library, tests or programs could be built with the
    wrong config.h, resulting in all kinds of (semi-random) errors. Recent
    versions of CMake mitigate this by adding a .NOTPARALLEL target to the
    generated Makefile, but people would still get errors with older CMake
    versions that are still in use (eg in RHEL 5), and with plain make.
    An additional issue is that, by failing to use cp -p, the apidoc target was
    updating the timestamp on config.h, which seems to cause further build issues.
    Let's get back to the previous, safe, situation. The improved apidoc building
    will be resurrected in a script in the next commit.
    fixes #390
    fixes #391
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