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......@@ -380,6 +380,76 @@ Security
* RSA blinding on CRT operations to counter timing attacks
(found by Cyril Arnaud and Pierre-Alain Fouque)
= Version 1.2.11 released 2014-07-11
* Entropy module now supports seed writing and reading
* Introduced POLARSSL_HAVE_READDIR_R for systems without it
* Improvements to the CMake build system, contributed by Julian Ospald.
* Work around a bug of the version of Clang shipped by Apple with Mavericks
that prevented bignum.c from compiling. (Reported by Rafael Baptista.)
* Improvements to tests/Makefile, contributed by Oden Eriksson.
* Use UTC time to check certificate validity.
* Reject certificates with times not in UTC, per RFC 5280.
* Migrate zeroizing of data to polarssl_zeroize() instead of memset()
against unwanted compiler optimizations
* Forbid change of server certificate during renegotiation to prevent
"triple handshake" attack when authentication mode is optional (the
attack was already impossible when authentication is required).
* Check notBefore timestamp of certificates and CRLs from the future.
* Forbid sequence number wrapping
* Prevent potential NULL pointer dereference in ssl_read_record() (found by
* Fix length checking for AEAD ciphersuites (found by Codenomicon).
It was possible to crash the server (and client) using crafted messages
when a GCM suite was chosen.
* Fixed X.509 hostname comparison (with non-regular characters)
* SSL now gracefully handles missing RNG
* crypt_and_hash app checks MAC before final decryption
* Fixed x509_crt_parse_path() bug on Windows platforms
* Added missing MPI_CHK() around some statements in mpi_div_mpi() (found by
* Fixed potential overflow in certificate size verification in
ssl_write_certificate() (found by TrustInSoft)
* Fix ASM format in bn_mul.h
* Potential memory leak in bignum_selftest()
* Replaced expired test certificate
* ssl_mail_client now terminates lines with CRLF, instead of LF
* Fix bug in RSA PKCS#1 v1.5 "reversed" operations
* Fixed testing with out-of-source builds using cmake
* Fixed version-major intolerance in server
* Fixed CMake symlinking on out-of-source builds
* Bignum's MIPS-32 assembly was used on MIPS-64, causing chaos. (Found by
Alex Wilson.)
* ssl_init() was leaving a dirty pointer in ssl_context if malloc of
out_ctr failed
* ssl_handshake_init() was leaving dirty pointers in subcontexts if malloc
of one of them failed
* x509_get_current_time() uses localtime_r() to prevent thread issues
* Some example server programs were not sending the close_notify alert.
* Potential memory leak in mpi_exp_mod() when error occurs during
calculation of RR.
* Improve interoperability by not writing extension length in ClientHello
when no extensions are present (found by Matthew Page)
* rsa_check_pubkey() now allows an E up to N
* On OpenBSD, use arc4random_buf() instead of rand() to prevent warnings
* mpi_fill_random() was creating numbers larger than requested on
big-endian platform when size was not an integer number of limbs
* Fix detection of DragonflyBSD in net.c (found by Markus Pfeiffer)
* Stricter check on SSL ClientHello internal sizes compared to actual packet
size (found by TrustInSoft)
* Fix preprocessor checks for bn_mul PPC asm (found by Barry K. Nathan).
* Use \n\t rather than semicolons for bn_mul asm, since some assemblers
interpret semicolons as comment delimiters (found by Barry K. Nathan).
* Disable broken Sparc64 bn_mul assembly (found by Florian Obser).
* Fix base64_decode() to return and check length correctly (in case of
tight buffers)
= Version 1.2.10 released 2013-10-07
* Changed RSA blinding to a slower but thread-safe version
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