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Support for the ALPN SSL extension (re-enabled in config.h)

parent 83d8c73c
PolarSSL ChangeLog (Sorted per branch, date)
ABI Alert: ALPN changes the ABI for the next release.
= PolarSSL 1.3 branch
* Support for the ALPN SSL extension
* x509_crt_info() now prints information about parsed extensions as well
......@@ -866,12 +866,9 @@
* Enable support for Application Layer Protocol Negotiation.
* draft-ietf-tls-applayerprotoneg-05
* This is disabled by default in the 1.3.x line since it breaks ABI
* compatibility.
* Uncomment this macro to enable support for ALPN.
* Comment this macro to disable support for ALPN.
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