Fix error in lcov target

parent d43ccb66
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ if(ENABLE_TESTING)
COMMAND lcov --add-tracefile --add-tracefile -o
COMMAND lcov --remove -o '*.h'
COMMAND gendesc tests/Descriptions.txt -o descriptions
COMMAND genhtml --title mbed TLS --description-file descriptions --keep-descriptions --legend --no-branch-coverage -o Coverage
COMMAND genhtml --title "mbed TLS" --description-file descriptions --keep-descriptions --legend --no-branch-coverage -o Coverage
COMMAND rm -f descriptions
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ lcov:
lcov --add-tracefile --add-tracefile -o
lcov --remove -o '*.h'
gendesc tests/Descriptions.txt -o descriptions
genhtml --title mbed TLS --description-file descriptions --keep-descriptions --legend --no-branch-coverage -o Coverage
genhtml --title "mbed TLS" --description-file descriptions --keep-descriptions --legend --no-branch-coverage -o Coverage
rm -f descriptions
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