Commit c6804051 authored by Paul Bakker's avatar Paul Bakker
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Removed test for empty data_files/dir0

dir0 is not in git (empty directories cannot be added to git)
parent 9dc53a99
......@@ -723,9 +723,6 @@ x509parse_crl:"305c3047020100300d06092a864886f70d01010e0500300f310d300b060355040
X509 CRL ASN1 (TBSCertList, no entries)
x509parse_crl:"30463031020100300d06092a864886f70d01010e0500300f310d300b0603550403130441424344170c303930313031303030303030300d06092a864886f70d01010e050003020001":"CRL version \: 1\nissuer name \: CN=ABCD\nthis update \: 2009-01-01 00\:00\:00\nnext update \: 0000-00-00 00\:00\:00\nRevoked certificates\:\nsigned using \: RSA with SHA-224\n":0
X509 CRT parse path #1 (empty dir)
X509 CRT parse path #2 (one cert)
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