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    Merge branch 'development' into iotssl-1941-aria-ciphersuites · a3712beb
    Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard authored
    * development: (504 commits)
      Fix minor code style issues
      Add the uodate to the soversion to the ChangeLog
      Fix the ChangeLog for clarity, english and credit
      Update version to 2.9.0
      ecp: Fix binary compatibility with group ID
      Changelog entry
      Change accepted ciphersuite versions when parsing server hello
      Remove preprocessor directives around platform_util.h include
      Fix style for mbedtls_mpi_zeroize()
      Improve mbedtls_platform_zeroize() docs
      mbedtls_zeroize -> mbedtls_platform_zeroize in docs
      Reword config.h docs for MBEDTLS_PLATFORM_ZEROIZE_ALT
      Organize CMakeLists targets in alphabetical order
      Organize output objs in alfabetical order in Makefile
      Regenerate errors after ecp.h updates
      Update ecp.h
      Change variable bytes_written to header_bytes in record decompression
      Update ecp.h
      Update ecp.h
      Update ecp.h