Commit 1b6044de authored by Simon Butcher's avatar Simon Butcher

Use the SSL IO and time callback typedefs consistently

The callback typedefs defined for mbedtls_ssl_set_bio() and
mbedtls_ssl_set_timer_cb() were not used consistently where the callbacks were
referenced in structures or in code.
parent a766576a
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -5598,9 +5598,9 @@ void mbedtls_ssl_conf_dbg( mbedtls_ssl_config *conf,
void mbedtls_ssl_set_bio( mbedtls_ssl_context *ssl,
void *p_bio,
int (*f_send)(void *, const unsigned char *, size_t),
int (*f_recv)(void *, unsigned char *, size_t),
int (*f_recv_timeout)(void *, unsigned char *, size_t, uint32_t) )
mbedtls_ssl_send_t *f_send,
mbedtls_ssl_recv_t *f_recv,
mbedtls_ssl_recv_timeout_t *f_recv_timeout )
ssl->p_bio = p_bio;
ssl->f_send = f_send;
......@@ -5615,8 +5615,8 @@ void mbedtls_ssl_conf_read_timeout( mbedtls_ssl_config *conf, uint32_t timeout )
void mbedtls_ssl_set_timer_cb( mbedtls_ssl_context *ssl,
void *p_timer,
void (*f_set_timer)(void *, uint32_t int_ms, uint32_t fin_ms),
int (*f_get_timer)(void *) )
mbedtls_ssl_set_timer_t *f_set_timer,
mbedtls_ssl_get_timer_t *f_get_timer )
ssl->p_timer = p_timer;
ssl->f_set_timer = f_set_timer;
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