Update doc for ssl_conf_renegotiation

parent 6ad5d35b
......@@ -1778,9 +1778,13 @@ void mbedtls_ssl_conf_session_tickets( mbedtls_ssl_config *conf, int use_tickets
* initiated by peer
* Note: A server with support enabled is more vulnerable for a
* resource DoS by a malicious client. You should enable this on
* a client to enable server-initiated renegotiation.
* \warning It is recommended to always disable renegotation unless you
* know you need it and you know what you're doing. In the
* past, there has been several issues associated with
* renegotiation or a poor understanding of its properties.
* \note Server-side, enabling renegotiation also makes the server
* susceptible to a resource DoS by a malicious client.
* \param conf SSL configuration
* \param renegotiation Enable or disable (MBEDTLS_SSL_RENEGOTIATION_ENABLED or
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