Commit 46125fbb authored by Simon Butcher's avatar Simon Butcher

Updates ChangeLog with final changes for release

parent 905cef6c
mbed TLS ChangeLog (Sorted per branch, date)
= mbed TLS 2.x branch
= mbed TLS 2.3.0 branch released 2016-06-28
* Fix missing padding length check in mbedtls_rsa_rsaes_pkcs1_v15_decrypt
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ Bugfix
* Fix issue in ssl_fork_server which was preventing it from functioning. #429
* Fix memory leaks in test framework
* Fix test in that does not run properly with valgrind
* Fix unchecked calls to mmbedtls_md_setup(). Fix by Brian Murray. #502
* On ARM platforms, when compiling with -O0 with GCC, Clang or armcc5,
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