Fix default of openssl s_server

openssl s_server up to 1.0.2.a included uses a 512-bit prime for DH by
default. Since we now require 1024 bit at least, make s_server use decent
params. (1.0.2b and up use acceptable params by default.)
parent c0696c21
......@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@ setup_arguments()
P_SERVER_ARGS="server_port=$PORT server_addr= force_version=$MODE arc4=1"
O_SERVER_ARGS="-accept $PORT -cipher NULL,ALL -$MODE"
O_SERVER_ARGS="-accept $PORT -cipher NULL,ALL -$MODE -dhparam data_files/dhparams.pem"
......@@ -517,7 +517,7 @@ unset PORT_BASE
P_SRV="$P_SRV server_addr= server_port=$SRV_PORT"
P_CLI="$P_CLI server_addr= server_port=+SRV_PORT"
P_PXY="$P_PXY server_addr= server_port=$SRV_PORT listen_addr= listen_port=$PXY_PORT"
O_SRV="$O_SRV -accept $SRV_PORT"
O_SRV="$O_SRV -accept $SRV_PORT -dhparam data_files/dhparams.pem"
O_CLI="$O_CLI -connect localhost:+SRV_PORT"
G_CLI="$G_CLI -p +SRV_PORT localhost"
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