Commit 6eaf3659 authored by Simon Butcher's avatar Simon Butcher

Fixes Travis post-mortem script dump following review

Changes made:
 * Added copyright and project statement
 * Limited size of each file to dump to 1Mbyte
 * Changed name of script
parent 371a9e0a
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ script:
- tests/scripts/
- tests/scripts/
- tests/scripts/
- tests/scripts/
secure: "barHldniAfXyoWOD/vcO+E6/Xm4fmcaUoC9BeKW+LwsHqlDMLvugaJnmLXkSpkbYhVL61Hzf3bo0KPJn88AFc5Rkf8oYHPjH4adMnVXkf3B9ghHCgznqHsAH3choo6tnPxaFgOwOYmLGb382nQxfE5lUdvnM/W/psQjWt66A1+k="
# This file is part of mbed TLS (
# Copyright (c) 2016, ARM Limited, All Rights Reserved
# Purpose
# List the server and client logs on failed and tests.
# This script is used to make the logs show up in the Travis test results.
# Some of the logs can be very long: this means usually a couple of megabytes
# but it can bee much more. For example, the client log of test 273 in
# but it can be much more. For example, the client log of test 273 in
# is more than 630 Megabytes long.
if [ -d include/mbedtls ]; then :; else
......@@ -13,13 +21,14 @@ if [ -d include/mbedtls ]; then :; else
FILES="o-srv-*.log o-cli-*.log c-srv-*.log c-cli-*.log o-pxy-*.log"
for PATTERN in $FILES; do
for LOG in $( ls tests/$PATTERN 2>/dev/null ); do
echo "****** BEGIN file: $LOG ******"
cat $LOG
tail -c $MAX_LOG_SIZE $LOG
echo "****** END file: $LOG ******"
rm $LOG
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