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Update ChangeLog to include the most recent fixes

parent e7723ec2
mbed TLS ChangeLog (Sorted per branch, date)
= mbed TLS 2.3.x branch released 2016-xx-xx
* Added hardware entropy selftest to verify that the hardware entropy source
is functioning correctly.
* Added a script to print build environment info for diagnostic use in test
scripts, which is also now called by
* Fix for platform time abstraction to avoid dependency issues where a build
may need time but not the standard C library abstraction, and added
configuration consistency checks to check_config.h
* Fix dependency issue in Makefile to allow parallel builds.
* Extended test coverage of special cases, and added new timing test suite.
* Removed self-tests from the script, and added all
missing self-tests to the test suites, to ensure self-tests are only
executed once.
* Added support for 3 and 4 byte lengths to mbedtls_asn1_write_len().
* Added support for a Yotta specific configuration file -
= mbed TLS 2.3.0 branch released 2016-06-28
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