Commit d7e9ad7d authored by Simon Butcher's avatar Simon Butcher

Updates ChangeLog with faster MPI zeroize fix

Added optimised mbedtls_mpi_zeroise() credit to ChangeLog.
parent e17a8da1
......@@ -26,7 +26,8 @@ Changes
* On ARM platforms, when compiling with -O0 with GCC, Clang or armcc5,
don't use the optimized assembly for bignum multiplication. This removes
the need to pass -fomit-frame-pointer to avoid a build error with -O0.
* Disabled SSLv3 in the default configuration.
* Disabled SSLv3 in the default configuration.
* Optimized mbedtls_zeroize() for MPI integer size. (Fix by Alexey Skalozub)
= mbed TLS 2.2.1 released 2016-01-05
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