Commit e49404a9 authored by Janos Follath's avatar Janos Follath Committed by Simon Butcher

Add morpheus integration test to Circle CI.

 * Tidy up the Circle CI script.

 * Add nightly build parameter to Circle CI.

 * Add comment in the Circle CI script explaining its purpose.
parent 1e4ec667
# Purpose:
# - To test and prove that a new commit in the mbed TLS repository builds
# and integrates with mbed-os properly.
# - To test and prove that the current development head of mbed TLS builds
# and integrates with the current mbed-os master branch.
# The script fetches all the prerequisites and builds the mbed TLS 'tls-client'
# example. This script is triggered by every commit and once each night and the
# exact behaviour depends on how it was triggered:
# - If it is a nightly build then it builds the mbed TLS development head with
# mbed-os master.
# - If it was triggered by the commit, then it builds the example with mbed TLS
# at that commit and mbed-os at the commit pointed by mbed-os.lib in the
# example repository.
- cd ../mbed-os-example-tls/tls-client/ && mbed compile -m K64F -t GCC_ARM -c
# Install gcc-arm
- cd .. && wget ""
- cd .. && tar -xvjf gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q3-20150921-linux.tar.bz2
- ln -s ../gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q3/bin/* ../bin/
# Install mbed-cli
- cd ../ && git clone
- cd ../mbed-cli && sudo -H pip install -e .
# Get the sample application
- cd ../ && git clone
# Get mbed-os
- cd ../mbed-os-example-tls/tls-client && mbed deploy
# Update mbed-os to master only if it is a nightly build
- >
if [ -n "${RUN_NIGHTLY_BUILD}" ]; then
cd ../mbed-os-example-tls/tls-client/mbed-os/ && mbed update master;
# Import mbedtls current revision
- ln -s ../../../../../../../mbedtls/ ../mbed-os-example-tls/tls-client/mbed-os/features/mbedtls/importer/TARGET_IGNORE/mbedtls
- cd ../mbed-os-example-tls/tls-client/mbed-os/features/mbedtls/importer/ && make
# Install the missing python packages
- cd ../mbed-os-example-tls/tls-client/mbed-os/ && sudo -H pip install -r requirements.txt
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