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    Fix const-ness in mbedtls_param_failed() · 3ef6a6dc
    Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard authored
    The previous prototype gave warnings are the strings produced by #cond and
    __FILE__ are const, so we shouldn't implicitly cast them to non-const.
    While at it modifying most example programs:
    - include the header that has the function declaration, so that the definition
      can be checked to match by the compiler
    - fix whitespace
    - make it work even if PLATFORM_C is not defined:
        - CHECK_PARAMS is not documented as depending on PLATFORM_C and there is
          no reason why it should
        - so, remove the corresponding #if defined in each program...
        - and add missing #defines for mbedtls_exit when needed
    The result has been tested (make all test with -Werror) with the following
    - full with    CHECK_PARAMS with    PLATFORM_C
    - full with    CHECK_PARAMS without PLATFORM_C
    - full without CHECK_PARAMS without PLATFORM_C
    - full without CHECK_PARAMS with    PLATFORM_C
    Additionally, it has been manually tested that adding
        mbedtls_aes_init( NULL );
    near the normal call to mbedtls_aes_init() in programs/aes/aescrypt2.c has the
    expected effect when running the program.
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