Commit 06915e48 authored by Vadim Zeitlin's avatar Vadim Zeitlin

Add check for absence of unneeded truncation too

We already checked that inserting a too long string resulted in an
error, now check that inserting a string just long enough does not
result in it.
parent 82038018
......@@ -4086,6 +4086,22 @@ void check_for_exception_on_truncation(session& sql)
// And another helper for the test below.
void check_for_no_truncation(session& sql)
const std::string str20 = "exactly of length 20";
sql << "delete from soci_test";
// Also check that there is no truncation when inserting a string of
// the same length as the column size.
CHECK_NOTHROW( (sql << "insert into soci_test(name) values(:s)", use(str20)) );
std::string s;
sql << "select name from soci_test", into(s);
CHECK( s == str20 );
} // anonymous namespace
TEST_CASE_METHOD(common_tests, "Truncation error", "[core][insert][truncate][exception]")
......@@ -4112,6 +4128,8 @@ TEST_CASE_METHOD(common_tests, "Truncation error", "[core][insert][truncate][exc
SECTION("Error given for varchar column")
......@@ -4120,6 +4138,8 @@ TEST_CASE_METHOD(common_tests, "Truncation error", "[core][insert][truncate][exc
auto_table_creator tableCreator(tc_.table_creator_1(sql));
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