Commit 0f1756c5 authored by Vadim Zeitlin's avatar Vadim Zeitlin

Throw if unsupported type is used for vector "into" parameter

This is consistent with the other backends and also fixes clang
-Wsometimes-uninitialized warning (turned into error by -Werror and this
breaking the build, but completely justified in any case) about using
uninitialized "dataBuf" variable.
parent 3a767742
......@@ -158,11 +158,12 @@ void oracle_vector_into_type_backend::define_by_pos_bulk(
case x_xmltype: break; // not supported
case x_longstring: break; // not supported
case x_statement: break; // not supported
case x_rowid: break; // not supported
case x_blob: break; // not supported
case x_xmltype:
case x_longstring:
case x_statement:
case x_rowid:
case x_blob:
throw soci_error("Unsupported type for vector into parameter");
sword res = OCIDefineByPos(statement_.stmtp_, &defnp_,
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