Commit 22aec05b authored by stephenhutton's avatar stephenhutton

more ideas :-)

parent b07677ff
......@@ -46,4 +46,47 @@ Provide statement-wide flag for eNoData case (because actually it *is* statement
Session sql("mysql://user:password@host/database");
So that Session tries to find backend_mysql.(dll|so) if not yet registered.
number of rows affected (insert/update + select?)
query backend for supported featureset at runtime
Rowset<T>, including Rowset<tuple> - way to indicate nulls?
Additional pair based val/indicator interface?
Consolidate iteration methods?
most radical: do we still need Statement::fetch()? into()?
(Rowset<Row> can currently be used for any query, supports indicators,
defaults, and no need to check for eNodata)
ColumnProperties() more logically belongs to Rowset than to Row
However Row::ColumnProperties() still needed if we support into(Row)
sql.prepare by default when constructing Rowsets and Statements?
Rowset<int> rs = (sql << "select n from t";)
row[i].get<string>() instead of row.get<string>(i)
row["col"].get<string>() instead of row.get<string>("col")
Make more member functions private
Values class should be reference counted
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