Commit 3a82540a authored by Vadim Zeitlin's avatar Vadim Zeitlin

Also throw if unsupported type is used for vector "into" in DB2

This is similar to the preceding commit change for Oracle and is also
done both for consistency and correctness.
parent 0f1756c5
......@@ -146,11 +146,12 @@ void db2_vector_into_type_backend::define_by_pos(
case x_statement: break; // not supported
case x_rowid: break; // not supported
case x_blob: break; // not supported
case x_xmltype: break; // not supported
case x_longstring:break; // not supported
case x_statement:
case x_rowid:
case x_blob:
case x_xmltype:
case x_longstring:
throw soci_error("Unsupported type for vector into parameter");
SQLRETURN cliRC = SQLBindCol(statement_.hStmt, static_cast<SQLUSMALLINT>(position++),
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