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Updated ideas.txt file.

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This file contains a raw bunch of ideas for future releases.
Not all of these ideas will necessarily make sense - they are here to get them together.
Source of many concepts
RAII for transactions.
Add JamFile files
Refactoring of core, more fine-grained file structure.
......@@ -28,6 +33,7 @@ Standard names for Session constructor.
Unicode support
Handle locales in Session (so that operator<< is immune to strange global locale in the user program). It might even make sense to expose imbue(), so that users set up whatever locale they want.
......@@ -88,5 +94,36 @@ Make more member functions private
Values class should be reference counted
CSV backend
Session s("csv:///etc/protocols");
rowset<string> rs = (s.prepare << "1:*");
copy(rs.begin(), rs.end(), ...);
where "1:*" is taken from the top of my head and would mean "first field
from all rows"
- joins are tricky
DBF backend, similar to CSV
Session s("dbf:///table.dbf");
rowset<string> rs = (s.prepare << "1:*") // first field from all rows
rowset<string> rs = (s.prepare << "firstname:*") // 'firstname' field from all rows
rowset<Row> rs = (s.prepare << "firstname='John'") // rows where 'firstname' value is 'John'
- joins are tricky
- boolean operators (<,>,=,<=,=> and <>) and WHERE-like clause support as a query
rowset<Row> rs = (s.prepare << "age > 28") // rows where field 'age' is less than 28
rowset<Row> rs = (s.prepare << "age <> 28") // rows where field 'age' is less or more than 28
rowset<Row> rs = (s.prepare << "firstname='John' AND age > 28") // multi-fields combined queries
- very simple home-made SQL parser or SQL-like queries support (see OGR utils from
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