Commit 92de7a38 authored by Mateusz Loskot's avatar Mateusz Loskot

[Vagrant] Fix bach if. Silence wget. Add logging.

[ci skip]
parent 6b953117
......@@ -15,12 +15,14 @@ DSDRIVER=${DSPREFIX}/dsdriver
# Try to download from known location
echo "DB2CLI: downloading ${DSPKG} from"
wget -q
# Check if driver package is available
if [[ ! -f ${DSPKG} && ! -f ${SOCITMP}/${DSPKG} ]; then
if [[ ! -f ${DSPKG} && ! -f ${SOCITMP}/${DSPKG} ]]; then
echo "DB2CLI: missing ${SOCITMP}/${DSPKG}"
echo "DB2CLI: skipping driver installation"
echo "DB2CLI: try manual download, then provision VM to install"
echo "DB2CLI: meanwhile, skipping driver installation"
exit 0
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