Commit 958f1b01 authored by Mateusz Łoskot's avatar Mateusz Łoskot Committed by GitHub

[Travis] Use only ORACLE_LOGIN_userid and ORACLE_LOGIN_pass

Remove previously used env variables to avoid old/new clash.
parent f03569ff
......@@ -20,10 +20,7 @@ mkdir -p .travis/oracle
tar x -C .travis/oracle --strip-components=1 -f v2.0.2.tar.gz
# Download Oracle (do not use Travis CI secure environment!)
export ORACLE_LOGIN_password="T$(echo $ORACLE_LOGIN_ssousername | rev)#2017"
# Oracle has changed naems of login form fields
export ORACLE_LOGIN_userid=$ORACLE_LOGIN_ssousername
export ORACLE_LOGIN_pass=$ORACLE_LOGIN_password
export ORACLE_LOGIN_pass="T$(echo $ORACLE_LOGIN_userid | rev)#2017"
bash .travis/oracle/
# Install Oracle
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