Commit c775189b authored by Mateusz Loskot's avatar Mateusz Loskot Committed by Ronan

Add test for parsing parameters with similar names

Verifies issue reported long time ago.
Note, the issue is unclear and not entirely complete or valid,
but this aims to cover at least similar case.

Closes #26
parent e5db8ecb
......@@ -1877,6 +1877,44 @@ TEST_CASE_METHOD(common_tests, "Named parameters", "[core][use][named-params]")
TEST_CASE_METHOD(common_tests, "Named parameters with similar names", "[core][use][named-params]")
// Verify parsing of parameters with similar names,
// where one name is part of the other, etc.
soci::session sql(backEndFactory_, connectString_);
auto_table_creator tableCreator(tc_.table_creator_1(sql));
std::string passwd("abc");
std::string passwd_clear("clear");
sql << "INSERT INTO soci_test(str,name) VALUES(:passwd_clear, :passwd)",
soci::use(passwd), soci::use(passwd_clear);
SECTION("same order")
sql << "INSERT INTO soci_test(str,name) VALUES(:passwd_clear, :passwd)",
soci::use(passwd_clear, "passwd_clear"), soci::use(passwd, "passwd");
SECTION("reversed order")
sql << "INSERT INTO soci_test(str,name) VALUES(:passwd_clear, :passwd)",
soci::use(passwd, "passwd"), soci::use(passwd_clear, "passwd_clear");
// TODO: Allow binding the same varibale multiple times
// SECTION("one for multiple placeholders")
// {
// sql << "INSERT INTO soci_test(str,name) VALUES(:passwd, :passwd)",
// soci::use(passwd, "passwd");
// }
// transaction test
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