1. 21 Jul, 2017 1 commit
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      Return int, not long, from parse10() helper · 56bc9f9c
      Vadim Zeitlin authored
      Add a check for integer overflow and return an int value, long is not
      necessary for date/time components and passing it to
      mktime_from_ymdhms() later resulted in implicit conversion from long to
      int and even broke iOS compilation, apparently.
      Closes #506.
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      Check for negative date components in parse10() · 281f54f5
      Vadim Zeitlin authored
      Using them in mktime() later would fail anyhow, but here we can give a
      slightly better error message.
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      Don't pass exception message to parse10() helper · f2e84c4b
      Vadim Zeitlin authored
      It doesn't make much sense to use a variable for this message when it is
      actually always the same. Just use the literal string in the function
      Try to make the message more clear by explaining why did the error occur
      more precisely.
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      Avoid duplicate code for parsing dates in different backends · a1e07e38
      Vadim Zeitlin authored
      SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL backends used the same but slightly
      different code for parsing the contents of a buffer into std::tm struct.
      Replace all these different versions with a single version, copied from
      the PostgreSQL variant, which seems like the most complete, in the
      common code.
      Update MySQL-specific test to not expect parsing a string containing
      time without date to yield year 2000, this didn't make any sense at all
      and PostgreSQL default of year 1900 makes at least slightly more sense.
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      Fix libraries link order when linking tests statically · e2f1ca53
      Vadim Zeitlin authored
      Link with the backend (static) library first, then with the core
      library in order to ensure that the backend library can use functions
      defined in the core library even if they are not used by the core
      library itself: previously, such functions would be discarded by a
      traditional Unix linker when processing the core library because they
      wouldn't be referenced and then be missing, resulting in link errors,
      when it processes the backend library.
      This will allow sharing some code between the backends in the upcoming
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      Fix unused parameter warnings in Oracle backend code · a3685fd0
      Vadim Zeitlin authored
      No real changes.
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