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      Vagrant: add DB2 CLI client to soci.vm · 137efc49
      Mateusz Łoskot authored
      Configure installation of DB2 client driver, runtime and
      development files from IBM Data Server Driver Package (DS Driver)
      package (required manual download from sign-in protected IBM site,
      see vagrant.md doc).
      Vagrant can now build SOCI with DB2 backend.
      [ci skip]
  6. 01 Nov, 2015 1 commit
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      Add Vagrant configuration · 01b9b48a
      Mateusz Łoskot authored
      Provision virtual development environment for SOCI.
      Currently, only main VM is provisioned: soci.
      In future, oracle and db2 are planned to allow connections
      from the soci and perform testing of corresponding backends.
      [ci skip]