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/**@mainpage Sofia Asynchronous DNS Resolver

@section sresolv_meta Module Information

The Sofia @b sresolv module consists of an asynchronous DNS resolver with
EDNS extensions. The interface to library is defined in <sresolv.h>.

@CONTACT Pekka Pessi <>

@STATUS Core library


@section sresolv_oveview Using SResolv

The sresolv works asynchronously, in other words, it sends a query to DNS
server and returns immediately to the caller. When the query is completed,
sresolv signals application through a callback function. The application can
etieher explicitly poll(2) on file descriptors used by resolver and call
driver functions, or it canuse @ref su_root_t "su root" a pointer to a
su_root_t object.

There is an internal cache used by sresolv.