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    Moved public include files to sofia-sip subdirectories. · 41286754
    Pekka Pessi authored
    All public include files installed in ${sofiadir} are now in sofia-sip
    subdirectories. They are installed to ${sofiadir}/sofia-sip, too.
    ${sofiadir} is defined by configure script relative to your ${prefix}, by
    default ${sofidir} is ${prefix}/include/sofia-sip-1.11. The default prefix
    is /usr/local and ${sofiadir} is /usr/local/include/sofia-sip-1.11. When
    using package manager, the ${prefix} is usually /usr and ${sofiadir} is
    The public include files should be referenced using sofia-sip path, e.g.,
    You can either fix your applications to use the new include file names
    with the fix-include-sofia-sip sed script found in scripts/ directory, or
    add both ${sofiadir} and ${sofiadir}/sofia-sip into your include path,
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