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Augmented documentation for SIPTAG_HEADER_STR().

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......@@ -143,19 +143,34 @@ siptag_header_vr(sip_header_t const **vp)
/**Tag list item for header string.
* The SIPTAG_HEADER_STR() macro is used to include a tag item containing a
* header string in the tag list.
* Macro is used to include a tag item containing an unknown extension
* header in the tag list, e.g.,
* @code
* SIPTAG_HEADER_STR("Remote-Party-ID: +358718008000")
* @endcode
* It is also possible to include multiple headers at once
* @code
* SIPTAG_HEADER_STR("P-Access-Network-Info: IEEE-802.11g;"
* " access-point-id=00:11:5C:34:E5:C0\r\n"
" "P-Visited-Network-ID:\r\n")
* @endcode
* (See @RFC3455 for more information about these headers.)
* @param s pointer to a string, or NULL.
* @param x pointer to a string, or NULL.
* The corresponding tag item taking reference parameter is
#define SIPTAG_HEADER_STR(x) siptag_header_str, tag_str_v((x))
#define SIPTAG_HEADER_STR(s) siptag_header_str, tag_str_v((s))
/** Tag for header string */
SIP_DLL extern tag_typedef_t siptag_header_str;
#define SIPTAG_HEADER_STR_REF(x) siptag_header_str_ref, tag_str_vr(&(x))
#define SIPTAG_HEADER_STR_REF(s) siptag_header_str_ref, tag_str_vr(&(s))
SIP_DLL extern tag_typedef_t siptag_header_str_ref;
/**@ingroup sip_#xxxxxx#
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