Commit 0bc7a6d4 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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su_alloc.c: always unlock home before destroying mutexes

parent 201a68d8
......@@ -1020,17 +1020,15 @@ void _su_home_deinit(su_home_t *home)
home->suh_blocks = NULL;
if (home->suh_lock) {
#ifdef WIN32
UNLOCK(home); /* we must unlock here or windows leaks handles on the next call because the mutex is locked */
/* "In the LinuxThreads implementation, no resources are associated with mutex objects,
thus pthread_mutex_destroy actually does nothing except checking that the mutex is unlocked. "
In the Windows pthread implementation we must free the handles that are allocated */
void *suh_lock = home->suh_lock;
home->suh_lock = NULL;
/* Unlock, or risk assert() or leak handles on Windows */
home->suh_lock = NULL;
/** Free memory blocks allocated through home.
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