Commit 10dd0af3 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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sip_basic.c: fixed Content-Length header encoding/decoding on 64-bit platforms

Thanks for Martin Drasar for hunting down the bug.

parent a19d75a4
......@@ -1484,13 +1484,18 @@ issize_t sip_content_length_d(su_home_t *home,
char *s,
isize_t slen)
return sip_numeric_d(home, h, s, slen);
sip_content_length_t *l = (sip_content_length_t *)h;
issize_t retval = msg_uint32_d(&s, &l->l_length);
if (*s)
retval = -1;
return retval;
issize_t sip_content_length_e(char b[], isize_t bsiz, sip_header_t const *h, int flags)
sip_content_length_t const *l = (sip_content_length_t const *)h;
return sip_numeric_e(b, bsiz, h, flags);
return snprintf(b, bsiz, "%lu", (unsigned long)l->l_length);
/**@ingroup sip_content_length
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