Commit 127dd139 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi


parent 028c2cb7
2006-05-03 Pekka Pessi <>
* Updated documentation in sip/sip_util.c.
Updated sip_contact_create_from_via(),
sip_contact_string_from_via(), and
sip_contact_create_from_via_with_transport() documents.
* Added _sips._udp SRV records to sresolv/ zonefile.
Updated named.conf so it can be directly used to run bind.
* Added public prototype for tport_is_dgram() into
* Added nta_outgoing_transport() to nta/nta.c and
* nua module:
* Updated nua/test_nua.c.
Using nat by default. Added --symmetric and -N options, enabling
symmetric nat and logging, respectively.
* Added tags to nua/test_nat.[hc].
TESTNATTAG_SYMMETRIC(1) enables symmetric nat.
TESTNATTAG_LOGGING(1) enables logging of nat binding changes.
* Updated outbound protocol engine in nua/nua_register.c
We enable rport and disable outbound by default. Fixed problem
when nat binding was changed. Fixed syntax error problems when
creating Accept-Contact header in OPTIONS request used to validate
* Added nua_generate_instance_identifier() to nua module.
* Changed default values in nua_params.c.
NUTAG_OUTBOUND() is "natify", and NUTAG_KEEPALIVE() is 120 seconds.
* Fixed nua/test_proxy.c.
Registrar was not returning all contacts in 200 OK to response to
* iptsec module:
* Added auc_copy_credentials().
Implementation in iptsec/auth_client.c, prototype in
<iptsec/sofia-sip/auth_client.h>. Replaced msg_param_t with char
const *, too.
* Added SOFIAPUBFUN to auth_struct_copy(), too.
* iptsec module (by Martti Mela):
* ntlm support now compiles, not working.
* added auth_ntlm.[ch]
* more NTLM methods and header file auth_ntlm.h
* still more ifdefs for NTLM enabling
* added configure flag for enabling NTLM (disabled by default)
* fixed gssapidatas
* NTLM implementation continued.
2006-05-02 Pekka Pessi <>
* iptsec module:
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