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RELEASE: updated.

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......@@ -5,21 +5,14 @@ Release notes for current version of Sofia-SIP
Changes since last release
This release include mainly bugfixes and a few improvements in event
handling in nua interface.
Beside bugfixes, a server graylisting was added to nta and a few
improvements in event handling were made in nua interface.
A check-based test program was added, too.
API/ABI changes and versioning
<see previous release notes at for examples ;
- should include all changes to public headers, and
other important information to developers;
- and should be updated _continuously_! />
New features in API are marked with Doxytag macro @NEW_1_12_8 or
......@@ -57,25 +50,66 @@ Contributors to this release
- Daniele Rondina contributed patches fixing crash in STUN discovery cleanup
and for transport handling with nta_outgoing_*create()
- Youness Alaoui sent a iPhone build fix
- Michael Jerris from Freeswitch project reported numerous bugs and
contributed fixes
- Michael Jerris and Stefan Knoblich from Freeswitch project reported
numerous bugs and contributed fixes
See the AUTHORS file in the distribution package.
Notes on new features
SIP Server Graylisting
The hack contributed by Stefan Leuenberger from Netmodule changes the
priority of SRV records which are used when SIP URI is resolved.
If your domain has multiple servers, you can define separate SRV records for
them. If any of them becomes unresponsive, a SIP request sent to it times
out or gets rejected because of network error and Sofia SIP automatically
retries with another server. However, as Sofia SIP does not keep track of
failed servers with the next request it may again try first the failed
server. The graylisting repriotizes the SRV records so that the priority of
the failed server gets reduced and it won't be tried again until all other
servers have failed, too. Note that the SIP URI resolver may get confused
when using this kind of repriotizing if a single SRV record corresponds to
multiple servers or servers with multiple addresses.
You can disable the reprioritizing hack by including tag NTATAG_GREYLIST(0)
with nua_create(), nua_set_params(), nta_agent_create() or
Bugs fixed in this release
* Fixed su_home_init not initializing suh_lock.
* Fixed memory leak when increasing hash table size
* Fixed problems with multiple authentication challenges.
* Fixed bug #1816647: Outbound contact does not make it to dialogs.
* Fixed problem with tagargs, amd64 and Sun CC.
* Fixed nta_outgoing_*create() not using NTATAG_TPORT() if
* Fixed nta timer interval calculation ignoring some transactions
* Fixed problems with multiple authentication challenges.
* Fixed memory leak from nua operations.
* Fixed crash when INVITE destroyed session before UPDATE or PRACK completed
* Fixed crash in stun when destroying stun context during discovery callback
* Fixed nta timer interval calculation ignoring some transactions
* Fixed request merging when client is RFC 2543 proxy
* Fixed request matching and merging if To/From URI does not match
* Fixed problem with soa and overlapping INVITEs
* Fixed handling of RFC 2848 subscriptions (without Event header)
* Fixed problems with expiration time calculations if NOTIFY is sent before
SUBSCRIBE has been responded
* Fixed su_getaddrinfo() with ephemeral (NULL or "0") service
* Fixed IPv6 build with Vista SDK
* Fixed bug #1867753 (avoid duplicating initial route set
* Fixed SCTP receive
* Using tport_log and su_llog() when logging TLS warnings and errors
* Removed asserts on hairy dialog shutdown cases.
* Using remote activity mode derived from O/A result rather than mode based on remote
* Fixed mode in SDP offer while on hold
* Fixed handling of REFER in nua when it gets redirected or challenged
* Fixed memory corruption when sending of ACK request failed.
< notable bugs fixed in this release
- check the bug tracker; see closed bugs,
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