Commit 16654db8 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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tport/sofia-sip/tport_plugins.h: fixed whitespace

parent c40e7c8f
...@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ struct tport_comp_vtable_s { ...@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ struct tport_comp_vtable_s {
int (*vsc_can_send_comp)(tport_compressor_t const *); int (*vsc_can_send_comp)(tport_compressor_t const *);
int (*vsc_can_recv_comp)(tport_compressor_t const *); int (*vsc_can_recv_comp)(tport_compressor_t const *);
int (*vsc_set_comp_name)(tport_t const *self, int (*vsc_set_comp_name)(tport_t const *self,
tport_compressor_t const *return_sc, tport_compressor_t const *return_sc,
char const *comp); char const *comp);
...@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ struct tport_comp_vtable_s { ...@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ struct tport_comp_vtable_s {
char const *name, int namelen, char const *name, int namelen,
int create_if_needed); int create_if_needed);
struct sigcomp_compartment * struct sigcomp_compartment *
(*vsc_compartment_incref)(struct sigcomp_compartment *cc); (*vsc_compartment_incref)(struct sigcomp_compartment *cc);
void (*vsc_compartment_decref)(struct sigcomp_compartment **pointer_to_cc); void (*vsc_compartment_decref)(struct sigcomp_compartment **pointer_to_cc);
...@@ -146,19 +146,19 @@ struct tport_comp_vtable_s { ...@@ -146,19 +146,19 @@ struct tport_comp_vtable_s {
(*vsc_sigcomp_assign_if_needed)(tport_t *self, (*vsc_sigcomp_assign_if_needed)(tport_t *self,
struct sigcomp_compartment *cc); struct sigcomp_compartment *cc);
void (*vsc_accept_incomplete)(tport_t const *self, void (*vsc_accept_incomplete)(tport_t const *self,
tport_compressor_t *sc, tport_compressor_t *sc,
msg_t *msg); msg_t *msg);
int (*vsc_recv_comp)(tport_t const *self, int (*vsc_recv_comp)(tport_t const *self,
tport_compressor_t *sc, tport_compressor_t *sc,
msg_t **in_out_msg, msg_t **in_out_msg,
su_sockaddr_t *from, su_sockaddr_t *from,
socklen_t fromlen); socklen_t fromlen);
ssize_t (*vsc_send_comp)(tport_t const *self, ssize_t (*vsc_send_comp)(tport_t const *self,
msg_t *msg, msg_t *msg,
msg_iovec_t iov[], msg_iovec_t iov[],
size_t iovused, size_t iovused,
struct sigcomp_compartment *cc, struct sigcomp_compartment *cc,
tport_compressor_t *sc); tport_compressor_t *sc);
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