Commit 26435fe6 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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Relay real CANCEL response to application.

parent 169420f0
......@@ -3916,29 +3916,52 @@ restart_invite(nua_handle_t *nh, tagi_t *tags)
ua_invite2(nh->nh_nua, nh, nua_r_invite, 1, tags);
static int process_response_to_cancel(nua_handle_t *nh,
nta_outgoing_t *orq,
sip_t const *sip);
/* CANCEL */
ua_cancel(nua_t *nua, nua_handle_t *nh, nua_event_t e, tagi_t const *tags)
nua_session_state_t *ss = nh->nh_ss;
nua_client_request_t *cr = ss->ss_crequest;
nua_client_request_t *cri = ss->ss_crequest;
nua_client_request_t *crc = nh->nh_cr;
if (nh && cr->cr_orq && cr->cr_usage &&
cr->cr_usage->du_pending == cancel_invite) {
nua_dialog_usage_t *du = cr->cr_usage;
if (nh && cri->cr_orq && cri->cr_usage &&
cri->cr_usage->du_pending == cancel_invite) {
nua_dialog_usage_t *du = cri->cr_usage;
nta_outgoing_t *orq;
du->du_pending = NULL;
nh_referral_respond(nh, SIP_487_REQUEST_TERMINATED);
/* nh_referral_respond(nh, SIP_487_REQUEST_TERMINATED); */
if (e)
orq = nta_outgoing_tcancel(cri->cr_orq, process_response_to_cancel, nh,
orq = nta_outgoing_tcancel(cri->cr_orq, NULL, NULL, TAG_NEXT(tags));
nta_outgoing_tcancel(cr->cr_orq, NULL, NULL, TAG_NEXT(tags));
if (orq == NULL)
return ua_event(nua, nh, NULL, e, 400, "Internal error", TAG_END());
return ua_event(nua, nh, NULL, e, SIP_200_OK, TAG_END());
if (e && crc->cr_orq == NULL)
crc->cr_orq = orq, crc->cr_event = e;
return 0;
return UA_EVENT2(e, 481, "No transaction to CANCEL");
static int process_response_to_cancel(nua_handle_t *nh,
nta_outgoing_t *orq,
sip_t const *sip)
return process_response(nh, nh->nh_cr, orq, sip, TAG_END());
static void respond_to_invite(nua_t *nua, nua_handle_t *nh,
int status, char const *phrase,
tagi_t const *tags);
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