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......@@ -183,29 +183,6 @@ extern tag_typedef_t nutag_soa_name_ref;
/** Pointer to a media subsystem.
* Pointer to MSS media subsystem object. The mss object can be used to
* customize the media with mss_config_add(), for example.
* @par Used with
* nua_get_param()
* @par Parameter type
* void * (actually mss_t*)
* @par Values
* Pointer to MSS media subsystem.
* Corresponding tag taking reference parameter is NUTAG_MEDIA_SUBSYSTEM_REF.
#define NUTAG_MEDIA_SUBSYSTEM(x) nutag_media_subsystem, tag_ptr_v(x)
extern tag_typedef_t nutag_media_subsystem;
nutag_media_subsystem_ref, tag_ptr_vr(&(x),(x))
extern tag_typedef_t nutag_media_subsystem_ref;
/** Pointer to a media session.
* Pointer to MSS media session. Used with NUTAG_MEDIA_CLONE()
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