Commit 2b6fa872 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
Browse files replace reference to nua_cli.c with sofsip_cli

parent 876b746e
......@@ -332,15 +332,15 @@ message sequence charts.
@image html SIP_outgoing_operation_with_auth.gif
@section nua_simpleapplication Simple Application
The following sections will present code examples from a simple application
that uses services of NUA. The example is not complete but should present
all relevant details of the basic use of NUA.
The source distribution of Sofia stack contains in directory nua an example
application nua_cli.c that can be studied for more complete example.
On there is available an example application
<a href="">
sofisip_cli.c</a> that can be studied for more complete example.
@subsection nua_datastructures Data Structures & Defines
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