Commit 40361855 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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Renumbered test case NUA-9.1.2 in test_nua.c

parent 80a7b1a8
......@@ -4451,7 +4451,7 @@ int test_refer(struct context *ctx)
if (print_headings)
printf("TEST NUA-9.1.2: extend expiration time for implied subscription\n");
printf("TEST NUA-9.1.3: extend expiration time for implied subscription\n");
SUBSCRIBE(b, b_call, b_call->nh,
......@@ -4491,7 +4491,7 @@ int test_refer(struct context *ctx)
free_events_in_list(ctx, b->events);
if (print_headings)
printf("TEST NUA-9.1.2: PASSED\n");
printf("TEST NUA-9.1.3: PASSED\n");
/* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- */
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