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2006-01-10 Pekka Pessi <>
* Fixed doxygen input files (kv).
* Using su_home_t reference counting in nua.
* Modified cloned su_home_t semantics.
Now we allow reference counting for clones as well as threadsafeness for them.
Added su_home_is_threadsafe(), modified prototype of su_home_unref().
* Fixed memory leaks in nea test code.
* Fixed memory leak in nea_server.c
2006-01-09 Pekka Pessi <>
* Restorered tag lists for modules.
2006-01-10 Martti Mela <>
* stun.c: First working version of get_lifetime functionality. All
stun_requests are now destroyed automatically by their timers if
the request's state is marked as "stun_dispose_me".
* stun.h: Updated stun_lifetime() API, moved discovery type enums
here from stun.c.
2006-01-05 Martti Mela <>
* stun.c: Finished get_nattype functionality. Might
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