Commit 46f7c1d8 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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su_source.c: su_source_getmsgs() streamlined.

parent adb6c374
...@@ -502,10 +502,7 @@ int su_source_getmsgs(su_port_t *self) ...@@ -502,10 +502,7 @@ int su_source_getmsgs(su_port_t *self)
SU_SOURCE_UNLOCK(self, "su_source_getmsgs"); SU_SOURCE_UNLOCK(self, "su_source_getmsgs");
if (f) if (f)
f(su_root_magic(root), &msg, msg->sum_data); f(su_root_magic(root), &msg, msg->sum_data);
if (msg && msg->sum_report)
su_msg_delivery_report(&msg); su_msg_delivery_report(&msg);
SU_SOURCE_LOCK(self, "su_source_getmsgs"); SU_SOURCE_LOCK(self, "su_source_getmsgs");
} }
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