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RELEASE: updated.

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......@@ -24,6 +24,10 @@ API/ABI changes and versioning
- **template**: Added foobar() function (sofia-sip/foobar.h).
- Added sip_is_allowed() function and k_bitmap field to the
sip_allow_t structure
- Added SIP header Refer-Sub and related functions
- Added <sofia-sip/sip_extra.h> include file
- Added auc_info() function (sofia-sip/auth_client.h)
- This release is ABI/API compatible with applications linked against
any 1.12.x release. However, applications built against this release won't
......@@ -57,6 +61,16 @@ See the AUTHORS file in the distribution package.
Notes on new features
RFC 4488 defines the Refer-Sub header. Its datatypes, related functions and
methods declared in <sofia-sip/sip_extra.h> include file. The Refer-Sub
header structure can be accessed from sip_t structure with sip_refer_sub()
method, e.g.,
if (sip_refer_sub(sip) &&
strcasecmp("false", sip_refer_sub(sip)->rs_value) == 0) {
/* Do not create implicit subscription */
<information about major new features
- new/changed/removed functionality
- links to further documentation
......@@ -73,6 +87,9 @@ Bugs fixed in this release
- **template**: #9499652 bug item title
- Fixed crash when nua_bye() was called while a NOTIFY client transaction
was in progress. Problem reported by Anthony Minnessale.
- Not using close() with sockets in sres.c. Problem reported by
Roman Filonenko.
- Bug in zero-padding STUN messages with a message integrity
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