Commit 49d032b2 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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RELEASE: updated.

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......@@ -23,7 +23,8 @@ API/ABI changes and versioning
- **template**: Added foobar() function (sofia-sip/foobar.h).
- Added functions msg_header_replace_item(), msg_header_remove_item()
- Added functions msg_header_find_item(), msg_header_replace_item(),
(handling Allow and Allow-Events headers)
- Added functions for handling SIP headers encoded in SIP URL:
sip_headers_as_url_query(), sip_url_query_as_taglist(),
......@@ -92,6 +93,10 @@ Bugs fixed in this release
- other bugs as fixed in CVS/darcs
- SOA now updates c= line if it is changed in user SDP.
Thanks for Anthony Minessale for reporting this bug.
- NUA call model does not require SDP answer before 200 OK anymore.
Thanks for Anthony Minessale for reporting this.
- Fixed crash when CANCEL was received but PRACK was expected
- #1574342: stunc tool broken in 1.12.3
- With NUTAG_EARLY_ANSWER(), include answer in 200 OK, too.
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