Commit 4a50aac2 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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nua_session.c: add XXX to nua_session_usage_refresh()

We don't actually check if we could initiate a session refresh.

MeeGo Coverity issue CDI#7488.
parent eb611888
...@@ -1549,10 +1549,11 @@ static void nua_session_usage_refresh(nua_handle_t *nh, ...@@ -1549,10 +1549,11 @@ static void nua_session_usage_refresh(nua_handle_t *nh,
sr->sr_method == sip_method_update)) sr->sr_method == sip_method_update))
return; return;
/* XXX - should check if we actually start something */
if (ss->ss_timer->refresher == nua_remote_refresher) { if (ss->ss_timer->refresher == nua_remote_refresher) {
ss->ss_reason = "SIP;cause=408;text=\"Session timeout\""; ss->ss_reason = "SIP;cause=408;text=\"Session timeout\"";
nua_stack_bye(nh->nh_nua, nh, nua_r_bye, NULL); nua_stack_bye(nh->nh_nua, nh, nua_r_bye, NULL);
} }
else if (NH_PGET(nh, update_refresh)) { else if (NH_PGET(nh, update_refresh)) {
nua_stack_update(nh->nh_nua, nh, nua_r_update, NULL); nua_stack_update(nh->nh_nua, nh, nua_r_update, NULL);
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