Commit 4f118169 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi
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soa.c: fix address matching with user sdp w/out session c

Ignore-this: 9aa560f8abd799d46e38c2e4ee0ca23c

parent 3b54ca2c
......@@ -2456,7 +2456,7 @@ soa_init_sdp_connection_with_session(soa_session_t *ss,
for (mc = m->m_connections; mc; mc = mc->c_next) {
for (li = res; li; li = li->li_next) {
if (!su_casematch(li->li_canonname, sdp->sdp_connection->c_address))
if (!su_casematch(li->li_canonname, mc->c_address))
if (li->li_family == AF_INET6) {
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